Reasons Why The Ferris Wheel Is So Popular

Compared to the various rides that are typically located in various amusement parks around the world, Ferris wheels are still regarded as one of the favorites. Each day, many people young and old still enjoy the excitement and thrills related to riding on a Ferris wheel (Аттракицон колесо обозрения). However, before the construction of the tallest, most exciting and largest Ferris wheels (Большое колесо обозрения), these rides were called pleasure wheels.?

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How It All Began

Even though the name Ferris wheel was derived from the designer George Washington Gale Ferris Jr, various historians suggest that the idea behind this wheel started in the era of the 17th century. Many years ago, the first wheel was created out of wooden rings and moved using strong men that pulled ropes. In these days the wheel was known as the threat wheel?or Big wheel.?

In the year 1892, William Somers created a patent for the Roundabout? which is the same as the Ferris wheel we know today. This is when George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. had an idea to create his very own wheel. Even though he was later sued by Somers for copying this idea, he won his case and was then permitted to name this popular amusement feature with his surname.

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The Popularity Of The Ferris Wheels

There are approximately 1,000’s of these Ferris wheel rides in existence across the globe in several amusement parks. These vary in different ways that include how they operate, their height and size. One of these popular rides (популярные аттракционы) includes the Singapore Flyer that is 541 feet tall and was first introduced in 2008. This particular Ferris wheel holds the record for being the tallest Ferris wheel to date. Another popular version would be the London Eye that is considered to be one of the tallest rides in Europe. The Star of Nanchang is a Ferris wheel based in Nanchang, Jiangxi China has been in operation since 2006 and is 160 meters high.

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Risks That Come With Ferris Wheels

Since the invention of the Ferris wheel, there has been various issues and risks associated with these rides. These rides are responsible for disabilities, injuries and deaths along with psychological trauma from accidents or malfunctions that have happened with a few of these rides. Even though the main reasons behind these issues are related to technical issues, there are a few cases whereby negligence has been the targeting factor behind these incidents.

To avoid these technically related problems, many builders have worked tirelessly to ensure that Ferris wheels are safe to ride. This includes durable cable wires and materials now used to protect any rider from related accidents in regards to negligence, the operators that manage these Ferris wheels should be trained to know about the importance relating to using various safety methods on these rides such as lap or seat belts.

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It is easy to feel safe using a Ferris wheel ride when visiting a reputable amusement center. However, it is always advisable for riders to remember safety and to follow all the rules and regulations put in place. If you want to learn more about Ferris wheel in China,please click here,